Aateeya Saabeen

About Saabeen

A sophomore business student, Saabeen is a contributor for The Daily Star’s SHOUT. She is also an associate executive for Youth Opportunities, an emerging platform for youths across the globe. She aims to work in marketing once she graduates.

Saabeen alternates between worrying about her future and taking long walks with her lobster. She is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter, which she believes got lost due to a misspelling of her name. That’s more common than you might think.

Asif Ayon

About Ayon

A junior at BRAC University, Ayon is a lowkey econ student who writes, songwrites and jams on the side. His writing portfolio includes online and print publications alike, such as HiFi Public and the Daily Star. His current band, Petty Never Grew, releases cool singles all the time. Show them your love and support!

You will find Ayon near Dhanmondi in his free time, hanging out with his close-knit circle of friends and family. Hit him up on Facebook if you want to get in touch.

Faizah Tarannum Disha

About Faizah

Faizah is a junior business student. Because she is a little bit of everything, to Faizah it it feels like she is all over the place sometimes, as do we all. As she goes through the transition of turning into an adult, her goal is to discover her strengths and weaknesses and understand more about who she is.

Afterwards, she hopes to have a self-imposed epiphany and realize what she truly wants to do in her life and who she wants to be. Wish her luck on this journey!

About Munhamanna

An esoteric philosopher in his own right, Munhamanna aspires to be a rock historian, at a time when both genres are irrelevant. He writes about music and reads voraciously.

Munhamanna also dabbles in the importance of personal milestones, such as cherished childhoods and strange adolescences.

A senior business student, he aspires to pursue teaching in his later life.

Munhamanna writes about Phil Colins, double beds and love on Medium. Follow him there!

Mohua Mouli

About Mohua

Mohua is a bold, bubbly and free-spirited reporter. She currently works for the Daily Star. She also writes, sings and draws in her free time.

If you are looking to discuss the challenges of life and the joys of Faber-Castell at the same time, then she is definitely your gal. Check out her band, the Pet Project, too!

A skilled photographer in the making, Mohua Mouli also likes taking pictures of the beauty that can be found in ordinary things, and getting lost in Damien Rice songs during her commutes.

Muhtasim Sarowat Rayed

About Rayed

A business graduate with experience in strategic consulting and advertising, Rayed is passionate about content creation and storytelling. He has been trying to turn writing into a side hustle from a hobby since 2009.

Instead of going for the Philip Kotler Koolaid, Rayed committed a cardinal error when he drank the Elon Musk and Steve Jobs flavors instead. Since then, his life has never been the same.

Wish him luck on his strange journey, and if possible, send him cookies and ice cream.

Nahian Jamal Joyeeta

About Joyeeta

Joyeeta is a hoarder of stories, be it from nature, streets, bookshelves or even random people around her.

She didn’t chose to be a writer- it’s the only way she could salvage the tales that imploded in her mind, and now has become the only she can make sense of her existence. A former editor for Lumos Literates, Joyeeta has also handled HR duties for Ember, a youth organization.

A senior high school student, Joyeeta is keen to escape high school life and take the next step on her journey to adulthood.

Nishat Tasnim

About Nishat

Nishat is a business student who believes in doing things she loves. Debate is her soul sport. Currently working as a junior market researcher at Icarus.

Marketing tickles her creative senses, as does business competitions. Explores the world of slide making in the hope of accidentally creating something good. 

A passionate Potterhead, she also likes to watch random hack videos and thriller movies/series to kill time. Lives by the idea of enjoying little things in life and aspires to be someone who inspires others.

Nomrota S. Anushka

About Nomrota

Have you ever met sunlight materialized as a person? If not, then too bad. Neither has she. Because that’s stupid.

Nomrota is currently a student of North South University, majoring in Economics and minoring in procrastination. A cosmopolitan at heart, Nomrota is into the fusion of urban culture and antique aesthetics. She’s a little into everything that involves and inspires art, music, creativity and empowerment.

Oh, and she’s probably eating while you’re reading this. And probably while you’re not reading this as well.

Richard Xavier

About Richard

Richard is a sophomore CSE student and is starting to dip his feet into the world of online writing and reviewing.

He is also a graphic designer and a digital illustrator at odd times. He aspires to work in the video game industry in the future.

Richard spends his time between classes escaping into the world of comics, video games, wrestling and music.

He works on Freelancer if he gets time and rarely uploads on his DeviantArt. Follow him there if you want to check his illustrations out.

Sadia Nusrat Siddique

About Sadia Nusrat

An avid reader of books and an eternal fangirl of Satyajit Ray and all things Kolkata, Sadia Nusrat is a fresh marketing graduate with a keen interest in pop culture and Bengali literature.

Sadia is currently interning at Star Cineplex, Bangladesh’s premiere theatre chain. From editing the monthly magazine to interviewing Joya Ahsan for Debi, Sadia Nusrat has her hands full having the best time of her life.

Follow her on social media to learn more about her day-to-day adventures and travel stories.

Sanjana Helal

About Sanjana

Sanjana is keen to explore her interests and discover her nature. In reality, Sanjana is a socially anxious girl who could never tug herself to join any dramatic family gatherings. Thankfully she has saved herself till now.

Her obsession about astronomy and zodiac signs is excessive, and she has been escaping realism since she doesn’t know when. Sanjana is very much interested in magical realism. Sanjana also believes in aliens, and would love to speak with one, either here or out there among the stars. Hopefully, by that time she’ll be a social butterfly.

Sheikh Rashid Bin Islam

About Rashid

It all started with binging anime and manga series; which eventually lead Rashid to majoring in Japanese Studies. Rashid is a self-proclaimed tech lord who really loves the Japanese culture at heart.

Rashid is also equally adept at staying home and playing games and taking photographs (especially aesthetic ones), going to all kinds of places to take that one click.

If you ever need any advice on buying new gadgets, he is the guy you knock. But if you ever meet him in person; just don’t ask him to say something in Japanese.

Tashfia Mamum

About Tashfia

An eternal neurotic who loves food and makeup, Tashfia is a business student with experience in digital marketing, having previously worked in Purplebot Digital.

She loves baking, cooking and showing people photos of the stuff she made. A passionate debater, she is also into classic rock and predictable books that provide a respite from the constant worries of daily life.

Like most self-respecting millennials, Tashfia also loves traveling. Follow her on Instagram for her globetrotting exploits, ranging from North America and Europe to South Asia.

Warda Binte Humayun

About Warda

Warda is a business school junior. She spends her time wondering how she will ever finish all the great books of this world because like Frank Zappa said ‘too many books, too little time’, and worrying about the fate of motherland.

She also worships Ritwik Ghatak and Satyajit Ray, and enjoys sports blogging with Rabindrasangeet playing in the background. If she had to pick one subject to fangirl over, that would be Real Madrid.

She is also looking for classical history memes recommendations.

Zareen Nawar

About Zareen

Zareen is an eternal escapist. She believes there is a group of people out there who despise the idea of having to talk about themselves. She belongs to that group. However she is a great listener (if she may say so herself).

As an admirer of authenticity, there is nothing she respects more than that raw and grueling state of being. Thus she tends to avoid interactions that simply hover around the surface. Lastly, she lives for growth.

Here’s to obtaining that feeling of relatability from anyone reading.

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